Amy Shark I Only Wanna

Amy Shark Enters New Era With New Single “Only Wanna Be With You” (Official Music Video)

Amy Shark enters new era with new single “Only Wanna Be With You.” Watch the official music video for the new single below.

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“The second this song was birthed I was like, “I’m sorry, that’s an undeniable chorus”. It’s got so many pop, Amy Shark elements to it, but there’s this gritty, fuzzy punk guitar that comes in…I used to be really scared of guitars and maybe just recently, with what I’ve been listening to, it’s brought it to life. I’ve gone with my gut a lot more on this song and the whole new era. I just wanna make cool songs and cool art. Nothing scares me anymore, I’m making music because I love making music again and not for any other reason. I’m taking a lot more risks without fear.” 



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