ANNISOKAY Interview 1.26.21

ANNISOKAY Interview On New Singer & Creative Process for ‘Aurora’

The beauty of hosting interviews on Zoom is that I am able to interview artists from all over the world without leaving my house. This past week I discovered another incredible band, ANNISOKAY and I quickly had to schedule an interview with them to talk about their new album Aurora, which dropped on Friday.

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ANNISOKAY Promo Photo Credit: Benjamin Phole

Although a new discovery for me, I was 4 albums late on this German post-hardcore band. I caught up with Christoph and Nico from the band one early morning for an in-depth interview about their new singer Rudi Schwarzer and the creative process for new album Aurora.

Watch my ANNISOKAY interview below

Interview By: Rob Herrera

ANNISOKAY’s single “The Cocaines Got Your Tongue” was my introduction to their music and it’s featured on the new album. Stream Aurora below.

Rudi Schwarzer | Vocals
Christoph Wieczorek | Vocals / Guitar
Norbert Kayo | Bass
Nico Vaeen | Drums

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