Austin John Winkler New Single

Austin John Winkler (Formerly of Hinder) is Back With New Music

Austin John Winkler, the former singer of American Rock band Hinder is back with a personal and vulnerable track “SuperJaded.” The single was released alongside the official music video. Check it out below.

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“I have to tell you I haven’t shot a video in a Very Long time!! But I feel this is a song that needs to be heard and will hopefully resonate with anyone struggling with ANYTHING they need to let go of. People, substances, Dreams or whatever it may be. I had to say goodbye to everything I was in order to do what I love again! It hurt like hell, but now Im back and I feel fucking fantastic. Fucking SuperJaded and FUCKING EXCITED!!! ?” -AJW

Austin John Winkler formed Hinder in 2001 alongside Joe “Blower” Garvey on guitar and Cody Hanson on drums. Winkler released 4 albums with the band including their biggest hit single “Lips of An Angel” before entering rehab and ultimately leaving the Hinder in 2013.

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