Chad Kowal Billy Madison

Chad Kowal Talks Debut Single “Billy Madison”

Rising Pop artist Chad Kowal reunited with Rob Herrera for an interview talking about the creative process behind building his solo project and debut single “Billy Madison.”

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“My Debut Single ‘Billy Madison’ is out NOW!
To put into words how much this new endeavor means to me makes me extremely emotional. When creating this project & the songs that went with it, it was all about authenticity. Taking all the things I loved as a child; whether it’s drawing, puppetry or music & giving it one collective home. This song became a sort of anthem for myself as a only child with big dreams & an even bigger world inside of his head. I’m excited to begin to share this world with YOU”
“When I was a little boy my dream was to be a cartoonist…”
Watch the official music video for “Billy Madison” below.

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