Dirty Honey Begin Recording New Music

Just before the pandemic got out of hand I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dirty Honey for an in-depth interview on their upcoming new music. During the interview, the guys said they were getting ready to fly back out to Australia to once again record with Nick Didia, who produced their self titled EP.  A few weeks later the country began shutting down as the spread of the virus increased which caused Dirty Honey’s flights to be cancelled. This was back in March and now in October the band is finally returning to the studio except this time it will be in LA and Nick Didia will be producing via Zoom as the travel ban to and from Australia is still in place.

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“Back in March, we had a handful of songs that were in various states of completion,” said the band’s vocalist Marc LaBelle, “but now, not being able to tour, we’ve had the time to finish them, feel really confident about them, and write more. We’re going into the studio with twice as many new songs as we had back in March. The pre-production for this new music has been handled exactly the same way as it was for the EP; Nick was in Australia, we were here in Los Angeles, and we were sending demos back and forth. Recording the music remotely is what’s different this time. But Nick brought in Brendan O’Brien’s engineer, Tom Syrowski (AC/DC, Chris Cornell), who’s been in the room with some incredible artists, so it’s going to be great.”

Regardless of the outcome, I am excited for new music and know the wait will definitely be worth it. In the meantime, enjoy my in-depth interview with Dirty Honey below.

Interview By: Rob Herrera