Dylan Dunlap Covers X Ambassadors “Unsteady”

We already felt X Ambassadors‘ song “Unsteady” was perfect until we heard Dylan Dunlap‘s cover of the song. Listen to the track, fall in love and if you happen to live in any of the cities below be sure to catch Dylan Dunlap on his Carry On Tour!

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Dylan Dunlap recently released his debut album Thoughts Become Things which you can order here.


The Carry On Tour
6/8 – Cheyenne, WY: https://www.facebook.com/events/1752991358252481/
6/12 – Des Moines, IA: http://desmoinessocialclub.org/…/dylan-dunlap-matt-van-dan…/
6/13 – Chicago, IL: https://www.sofarsounds.com/cities/chicago/events/7088
6/14 – Chicago, IL: http://www.uncommongroundcalendar.com/…/event/dylan-dunlap…/
6/20 – Allston, MA: http://www.ticketmaster.com/dylan-dunlap-andrew-t…/…/2231223
6/22 – Hamden, CT: http://www.thespacect.com/dylan-dunlap-the-como-brothers-m…/
6/23 – Syracuse, NY: http://funknwaffles.ticketfly.com/…/1191743-dylan-dunlap-s…/
6/24 – New York City, NY: https://www.sofarsounds.com/cities/nyc/events/7416
6/25 – New York City, NY: http://www.rockwoodmusichall.com/
6/26 – New York City, NY: http://silvana-nyc.com/calendar.php
6/27 – Vienna, VA: http://jamminjava.com/…/1161697-andrew-tufano-dylan-dunlap…/
6/28 – Nashville, TN: https://www.savannahlynne.com/…/commodore-lounge-with-evan-…
6/29 – Nashville, TN: https://www.savannahlynne.com/…/the-row-nashville-with-sava…
7/1 – Dallas, TX: https://www.sofarsounds.com/c…/dallas-fort-worth/events/7512