Enter Shikari Release ‘Content 2.0’ Documentary

British rockers, Enter Shikari, take us behind the scenes of the making of their fifth album The Spark, with the release of Content 2.0 Documentary.

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“Normally, you’d release one of these track-by-track things in order to bolster the marketing around the release of an album (we don’t knowingly title these recent releases “Content” by accident) but with the nature of The Spark’s lyrical content and what could be construed, by the casual listener, as the “departure from the normal Enter Shikari sound” (whatever that is), we wanted people to be comfortable with their own interpretations and perspectives of what the album is before we started crushing their dreams with our insights and expositions into the arcane technical aspects of the recording. We hope there’s something in the documentary for rabid fan and passing-interest viewer alike. Mr Pullen has excelled himself in putting it together”.