Gavin James Releases New Single “Always”

Gavin James released his new single “Always” off his upcoming album, Only Ticket Home, due out this summer on Capitol. Watch the live performance video from Studio 2 of Abbey Road.

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“‘Always’ was one of the first songs I recorded for Only Ticket Home and it set the mood for every other song on the album after that sonically, so as people listen, there is a natural flow to the album,” says Gavin James. “‘Always’ is all about loss for me. It was about ending a relationship last year and then immediately regretting it, so it’s pretty apologetic as a tune. However, the song can have a lot of different meanings and I’m excited for people to listen to it and make their mind up themselves about what it means to them.”

[youtube id=”xuDGIjEQpVY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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