Hailey Haus Flavor of the Month

Hailey Haus Releases Major Label Debut Single “Flavor Of The Month”

Hailey Haus releases major label debut single “Flavor Of The Month” on Arcade Records, a joint venture with Elektra Records. Watch the official visualizer below.

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“It’s a story about taking the power back in a sense,” Haus revealed about the single. “At the time, I was single, and I was trying to find the right guy. I talked to a handful of boys over this one year. In my mind, I’m looking for my husband. Behind my back, some girl said, ‘Oh my Gosh, Hailey always has a flavor of the month.’ I was so bothered, because I’m not trying to talk to a million guys for no reason; I’m looking for the right person to commit my life to. One day, I thought what she said would be a hilarious concept for a song, so I made it my own.”


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