Incubus Talk Recording Album 8 w/ Skrillex & Summer Tour w/ @Robertherrera3

Multi-platinum rock band Incubus is about to release their 8th album this month and Rob Herrera caught up with the band to talk about it. Their upcoming album titled 8 is the band’s first album in 6 years and the follow up to If Not Now, When?. Incubus spoke on the recording process of this album which was co-produced by Skrillex. Brandon Boyd talked about how this was a challenging album to create and the band also spoke about their upcoming summer tour with Jimmy Eat World in support of the album.

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8 drops April 21st on Island Records and pre-orders are available here.

[youtube id=”90iwnLvrrLM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

8 Tracklisting:

1.  No Fun *

2.  Nimble Bastard *

3.  State Of The Art *

4.  Glitterbomb *

5.  Undefeated *

6.  Loneliest *

7.  When I Became A Man *

8.  Familiar Faces *

9.  Love In A Time Of Surveillance *

10.  Make No Sound In The Digital Forest *

11.  Throw Out The Map

Click here for tour info and tickets.


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