INTRODUCING… CYN Releases Debut Single “Together”

Michigan Pop singer and Katy Perry‘s newest signee, CYN, has released her debut single titled “Together.” Cyn signed to Unsub Records in 2016 after meeting Katy 5 years prior during the California Dreams Tour.

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I first met this little bird five years ago. She had come to see the California Dreams Tour.

In those five years, she has crafted so many songs (and gotten a college degree!), and through sheer determination and will, those songs made their way back to me. We have been working together for a year, and still, to this day, I smile when I hear the wink in her voice, the twist of the plot just as you start to think you’ve heard this love song before.

Today, this bird is going to fly. “Together” is a song from a unique voice, and an even more unique woman. Unsub Records is proud to present: CYN. – Katy Perry

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