MAN WITH A MISSION Talk ‘Break and Cross the Walls I’ & My Hero Academia

Japanese Rock band MAN WITH A MISSION kicked off the new year with the international physical release of their sixth album Break and Cross the Walls I. The 14-track album is part of a two album set with part II out later this spring.

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“We’ve completed our first studio album in three and a half years. We never stopped during Covid and progressed step by step, resulting in a big gift of a two album series for our fans. For now, here is the first album – we are very happy with the result, including the track listing. Hope you enjoy it.” -Jean-Ken Johnny (guitarist/vocals)

Earlier this week, Jean-Ken Johnny of MAN WITH A MISSION caught up with Rob Herrera via Zoom for an interview talking about the creative process behind the new album ‘Break and Cross the Walls I,’ reuniting with Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) and writing for the ‘My Hero Academia’ theme song.

Stream Break and Cross the Walls I below.

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