Matt Toka Is Back with “Angel” (Official Music Video)

Matt Toka is back and we are so excited! After 4 years of silence he is back with the official music video for “Angel” off his album Straight To Hell which was initially scheduled to release years ago. Be sure to watch the official video below and read Matt’s official statement on the situation.

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[youtube id=”7NY3nDH7wq0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Four years ago, my life was on track to being everything I’ve ever wanted. I had a deal with a major record label and a soon to be released album – something a small town kid from Ohio only dreams of. I had spent every waking hour for 12 years devoted to putting my music out into the world. Then my worst nightmare happened: I was dropped from my label right before the album was set to release. Even worse, it was over industry politics that were out of my control. I was devastated. The album was the thing in this world I was most proud of. Suddenly everything else began to unravel and after spending my entire life fighting, finally defeated, I disappeared.

Ultimately, something nearly impossible in the music industry happened – I got the rights and masters to my album given back to me. After all this time, Straight to Hell is still one of the things I am most proud of and I want to give it the release it deserved. Digital downloads and some limited edition merch are available on my site. Though I can’t tell you the album reflects who I am as a musician anymore, it encompasses an important time in my life that I would like for you to be able to experience as it was intended to be, before releasing anything new.

It’s been a surreal experience getting back on social media after so much time away to see the support that has been expressed over the years. I was so consumed by despair that I had convinced myself that no one cared. Thank you to anyone who has ever supported me and my music.