Maude Latour Clean

Maude Latour Premieres “Clean” (Official Music Video)

One of our favorite unsigned artists is now signed with Warner Records! Maude Latour is an Alt-Pop breakout artist with some of the most infectious lyrics and melodies. Today, she premiered the official music video for new single “Clean” off her upcoming EP due out on Warner Records soon.

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“The difference between 19 and 21 feels paradigmatic. When I was 19, this song was earnestly me working on myself, constantly promising to clean my room and temporarily taking good care of myself in spurts. Truly, I am an extremely messy person who is constantly involved in introspection and self-improvement, epiphanies, and inner thoughts. This song has become an even truer testament to how growing is painful. Sometimes you are trying your best, and it’s still messy, and it is still your best. Growth hurts—growing pains. I’m learning so much every single day.”

Get to know Maude Latour and her writing process in her interview with Rob Herrera below.

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