He Is We Returns as “She Is We” Debuts New Track “Boomerang”

After a tumultuous couple of years “He Is We” singer Rachel Taylor shall be returning as “She Is We” and releasing a new album called WAR

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“WAR” is the name of my new album, and it was a very easy title to come up with. Each and every one of us is fighting a battle, and to each of us, it’s personal. Whether you’re for or against me, you’re alongside me. So on this album, each track is a separate war, a separate battle, and I am here to share. It was very emotional for me to record this album. I was spiraling toward rock bottom but I would not – I could not – let this group of people that had lived in my heart for years down.” – via facebook

Today She Is We debut a new track called BOOMERANG

This is the first single from the album. It’s about karma, which I believe in. It’s aggressive and it’s very true to what I am representing. What goes around comes around. I wrote this song in very righteous anger –For the first time I realized that it’s not approval that I seek. It’s conquering demons that people thought would kill me and persevering through it with my chin held high” via facebook

Listen to the track HERE

Pre-Order ‘WAR’ on iTunes and instantly download “Boomerang” – http://smarturl.it/SheIsWeWARiTunes
Pre-Order ‘WAR’ from SheIsWe.com to get a signed CD – http://www.sheiswe.com/