Rill, The Indigo Child premieres “Rebel King” (Official Music Video)

Rill, The Indigo Child has premiered the official music video for title track off upcoming project Rebel King out later this Spring.

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I wrote this song to paint a special picture and introduce my vision for a new world. Joelian the producer created a canvas of a calm and serene piano chord, and as I sat there, a part of the human world, I was reminded of a pinnacle moment in my life. A moment where God revealed to me exactly what he wanted me to do in this life. To be able to see myself in every soul I meet, because we are all reflections of each other. He told me, ‘Young King, you cannot lead the people until you join the people’, a fact that I have been reminded of my entire life. Whether we want to pay attention to it or not, times are changing. Science is improving, technology is idolized, and the media has the power to domesticate the minds of our youthful future. But none of those ‘things’ are more powerful than me, or you. The truest power lies in US. If we know better, why not do better? We have a responsibility as SPIRITS before HUMANS. And I am merely a vessel of the highest power, here to introduce you to the revolution…generation of new leaders, welcome. #lifedUP

[youtube id=”4ON6nQyB-1k” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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