salem ilese moment of silence

salem ilese Releases Powerful New Single “Moment of Silence” (Official Music Video)

salem ilese releases powerful new single, “Moment of Silence,” urging for social change for reproductive rights and gun control.

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“It’s unfathomable to me that we live in a country where pregnancy is forced, yet tens of thousands of people die from gun violence every year. As of July 4th, 2022, there have been 0 days since a mass shooting in the US. By continuously supporting the NRA, and recently overturning Roe V. Wade, political leaders have made it abundantly clear that they care far more about controlling people with a uterus than they do about human life. This song is for all the politicians offering nothing but “moments of silence” after countless deaths due to a lack of gun control in America. This song was also made to inspire those to join this fight for reproductive rights and gun control. We are the most powerful all together.”

Watch the official music video for “Moment of Silence” featuring fan submitted footage below.



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