Setting Sunrise exclusive interview

In support of his third release “Decisions,” we have an exclusive on the road interview with Pop/Rock artist Setting Sunrise of Los Angeles, California. Setting Sunrise is currently following the Vans Warped Tour in order to spread the word about his “Decisions” EP which is set to release on iTunes & Amazon on July 24, 2012.

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1. Please introduce yourself & your sound for those that have not heard of your band before.

I’m Joey Biagas and I’m the only member in Setting Sunrise. I would say that my sound is pop/rock. It can be a good time, but it can also get down and rock out with some aggression. But just as life itself, that’s always changing.

2. You’re about to release your 3rd EP,”Decisions.” Tell us about this EP.

This EP is about my life in the past two years. A lot has happened to me within that time I had to adjust to. Major things in life altered me personally from loosing close friends, falling out with my family, moving around, and my ex breaking my heart are just a few. Each situation always presented itself with a choice on how to deal with each problem. With all the time that passed, I learned a lot about myself on what I really wanted in life. I grew up, matured, and became more of an individual. Whether the choice was difficult, easy, or even if i didnt care about making one, I became more self aware. I believe making choices is part of life. There were definitely both right and wrong ones I made on my journey, but these songs are about the “decisions” I made that put me on the path I’m on now.

3. When listening to your EP, I instantly felt like it took me back to my high school days when sound clips were in songs or segways. What inspired this?

Definitely headed back to my high school days as well haha. I went back to my roots of music. I feel like this record is influenced more with the older bands I used to listen to while still being “Setting Sunrise”. I know a lot of my long time fans think of me as an acoustic act, because that’s how I started this project by myself. But this sound is actually more of my roots. I used to be in a couple progressive/pop rock/screamo bands before I started SS. But going back to the “sound clips” yes, I loved when bands like The Ataris and Taking Back Sunday used audio clips from movies that related to the topic of the song. So I guess I’m trying to bring a lil of that back. I also think its a bit of an art form to find good audio clips and put them in songs at the right time haha.

4. Decisions” is produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by you, how did this process work out for you? Seems like you would have to change roles a lot during each session, do you see yourself doing it all over again for future projects?

Pros and cons for sure haha. I can control everything myself and work REALLY fast on songs. But then again sometimes it’s hard to bounce ideas off of myself. So for me and this record, I would work on a song or section for awhile and if I wasn’t sure about adding or taking out something I would just quickly move on to another song and come back to it later. Then my ears would be fresh and at that point I tried to be a different person with an outside “producer” view of it and feel it out with what ever the song needed more or less of.  I liked it a lot this time because I could rush or take my time if I wanted to since it was all and only my time. But I’m not so sure I would go with this route next time. Might try to work with another producer.

5. I Fell in Love with a Liar (It’s Over)” was your first release off this EP, how much thought goes into picking out your first single. Why this track?

Well for me it seemed pretty easy because it was the song that had the most energy and aggression. It may not be the catchiest song of the record (thats probably “Where We Go”) but I definitely wanted to show change right off the bat without worrying too much about if fans would accept it. I think they’re digging it so far tho. I also picked this one first because it has a lot of feeling in it. A lot of fresh feeling too of what I went/currently going through.

[youtube id=”YIlIVZEVvS8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

6. Setting Sunrise was initially an acoustic project, what made you want to switch your sound?

Well, kinda like how I stated earlier. Just going back to more of my roots. I feel like its more “me”. I like playing songs that are fun to play live because of their rock-ability and energy. I still LOVE acoustics and will continue to always make it, but I kinda simply started acoustic because I lacked band members. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I don’t see why that should stop me from making the sound I want haha.

7. You are currently following the Vans Warped Tour to promote your new EP. What feedback  are you getting from the fans that have heard “Decisions” already? Any plans on hitting the road in support on this EP?

It’s an interesting feedback from fans. All in all, it’s a good and pumped feedback from them. But for me it’s definitely interesting because most of the fans hearing it on warped are new fans so they don’t hear a change from me. But I have met quite a few old fans who dig it even more so that gets me stoked! I’m more nervous to release to older fans than new ones haha.

8. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, would you like to give out any final words before we close out?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate your work and I’m really glad to be featured on your website. I feel honored. As for my fans, new or old, THANK YOU! Picking up a copy of the record, whether at Warped or on iTunes when it comes out July 24th I appreciate every single one of you. I always do my best to get to know all of you and I really hope you continue to follow and support me <3.

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