The Boys Are Back and Re-imagined! push baby Premiere “mama’s house” (Official Music Video)

Our UK boys are back and better than ever! push baby (formerly known as Rixton) are coming in hot with a new sound, new vision and a debut single titled “mama’s house” which is out now! Watch the official music video for the single below.

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we got dropped. i’ll shout it from the rooftops if need be. we got dropped. im not embarrassed to say it. sent back home, with nothing. zero self worth. no money. nothing to show for it. no one was interested. and also, let me be clear, no one’s fault. truth be told, for all i have left now is transparency, i built a ship at the age of 18 with my best friends. the ship sank. too many people on board. the first ones to join us on board were the first to jump overboard when it all started going wrong. that’s ok. i understood. well, at least now i do. for a long time as an artist – i struggled to find MY voice. lying in bed at night thinking ‘who am i? what do i stand for? what can i leave? Shit – AM I even an artist?’ and now i understand. im here to tell you, and please please understand that im fully aware this is cringe… but screw everyone man. seriously. screw anyone that says you can’t, because you can. screw anyone that says you won’t because you will. don’t be bitter. trust me, it hurts more. just fucking do it. for you. go all the way. im so honoured to be able to share with you all our latest creation. i feel so alive. it’s our job now to keep you guessing. to keep you entertained, and im going to try a bit TOO hard …(clearly)….to do JUST that. this is push baby. we live and breathe this band. its my be all and end all. it’s our world. our debut album is coming this year. it’s fucking sick i think. at least – WE are proud of it. the visuals are handmade. everything is handmade. i want to pride this relationship on transparency and authenticity.
Make them watch as we blur the lines… and together…let’s fucking show them. ? (AK & SB – forever grateful ?)