TWO Premiere “Cage Fighter” (Official Music Video)

TWO are kicking off the new year with the video premiere of their new single “Cage Fighter” from their debut EP Pull The Knife Out.

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This video for “Cage Fighter” is all emotion. For us it was a reflection of the anxieties, the antagonism, the fear, the judgment, and the anger that have torn at American society. And to capture ALL of it. At the same time.
Aja and I know where we stand socially and politically, but the irony is everyone feels attacked. And judged. And misunderstood. Pointing the finger isn’t working. So maybe spreading love and acknowledgment might be a better way of bringing people back together.
We know that a lot of people feel ready to explode right now. The antagonism of the last few years mixed with quarantine has put people in uncharted territory… Hopefully this video will serve as a bit of a cathartic release.
Much love
Dan & Aja

Last year I caught up with TWO during the release of their EP to talk about the creative process.