ZOLA Releases New Song “Don’t Eat”

ZOLA released the titled track to her upcoming debut album Don’t Eat dropping on KidinaKorner/Universal Records. Listen to “Don’t Eat” below.

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I wrote “Don’t Eat” right before signing with a record deal and I was feeling very overwhelmed and nervous about partnering up with a label. Over the holidays last year I was in Baja California at my families’ vacation home processing everything. The opening verse was inspired by a story told by one of my family friends. Back in her L.A. home, she would leave crystals out in her garden for fairies to come and fetch them and it is said that that brings good luck to the home and the garden. I loved that concept and decided to go along with it. Knowing that I would be traveling a lot between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I was looking for all the good luck and good juju and was literally afraid of being eaten whole by the music industry.