5 Seconds Of Summer release “What I Like About You” (Official Lyric Video)

5 Seconds of Summer have released the official lyric video for their live version of “What I Like About You” off their upcoming LIVESOS album due out December 15th.  The live album will feature 15 tracks recorded in different venues around the world and is available for pre-orders on iTunes.

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[youtube id=”7zzJw_UP8yc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

1. 18 (Live)
2. Out Of My Mind (Live)
3. Disconnected (Live)
4. Amnesia (Live)
5. Beside You (Live)
6. Everything I Didn’t Say (Live)
7. Long Way Home (Live)
8. Heartache On the Big Screen (Live)
9. American Idiot (Live)
10. Kiss Me Kiss Me (Live/Bonus)
11. Teenage Dream (Live)
12. Good Girls (Live)
13. What I Like About You (Live)
14. End Up Here (Live)
15. She Looks So Perfect (Live)
16. What I Like About You (Live)