Polyphia Sophia Black
Paige Margulies

Polyphia Premiere “ABC” featuring Sophia Black

Polyphia premiere new single “ABC” featuring Sophia Black. The new single was released alongside the official music video and the announcement of their upcoming fourth album, Remember That You Will Die, due out October 28 on Rise Records.

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  1. Genesis feat. Brasstracks
  2. Playing God
  3. The Audacity feat. Anomalie
  4. Reverie
  5. ABC feat. Sophia Black
  6. Memento Mori feat. Killstation
  7. Fuck Around and Find Out feat. $not
  8. All Falls Apart
  9. Neurotica
  10. Chimera feat. Lil West
  11. Bloodbath feat. Chino Moreno
  12. Ego Death feat. Steve Vai


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