Rill, The Indigo Releases New Track “Immortal” ft. Jamil Kashif

Rill, The Indigo just dropped a hot new track titled “Immortal” featuring Jamil Kashif.

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When an old friend was killed in my early teens, that was the first time I felt close to the energy of death…then my father passed 2 years ago & I truly saw it hit home. But to me, death is beautiful, not in how it happens, but in its eternal inevitability which causes us to cherish the present, chase dreams, celebrate life, and create memories, all with LOVE. Which leads me to believe we are all eternal beings experiencing a physical real of a common consciousness.

Immortal” was written with Jamil K. Green & produced by Joelian Sanchez with vocals by Jo-Rhea Green & recorded at MHQ Studios by Walter E Angueta.